The State Employees' Charitable Campaign (SECC) is an annual fund-raising drive approved by the State of Delaware. Each year state employees raise thousands of dollars through the SECC that benefits many local non-profit charitable organizations. These charities fight disease, make life more meaningful for the young and old, help the impoverished, and train people to become self-sufficient. By promoting and supporting fund raising through the employee focused, cost-efficient SECC, state employees provide the opportunity to improve the quality of life of all Delawareans.

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The State Employees' Charitable Campaign:

  1. Provides employees with a single, combined annual campaign for giving.

  2. Builds teamwork.

  3. Makes a direct impact in your community by supporting organizations you care about.

  4. Gives employees the opportunity to help others.

  5. Boosts employee morale.

  6. Educates employees about the needs in their communities (just in case they ever need them).

  7. Provides information about available supportive services for those needing assistance.

  8. Promotes employees working together toward a common goal.

  9. Makes employees feel good about themselves and where they work.

  10. Is fun.