Below are the Agency Chairpersons and Captains contact information. Highlighted row denotes the Agency Chairperson.

Name SLC Phone Agency
Laura Mensch D260 698-4573 Agriculture
Taja Jones D260 698-4514 Agriculture
Rebecca Vaughn D260 698-4535 Agriculture
Name SLC Phone Agency
John Fluharty D370A 857-3937 Auditor's Office
Name SLC Phone Agency
Tonia Muncey N300 892-4532 DMSS
Antony Gifoli N300 633-3179 YRS
Sandy Harris N300 633-2506 DMSS
Daryn Rash N300 633-2555 PBH
Joseph Smack N300 633-2605 DFS
Name SLC Phone Agency
Dawn Hill D580A 744-4200 Controller General's Office
Name SLC Phone Agency
Jayme Gravell N440 857-5232 Office of the Commissioner
Brenda Brown N440 577-3004 Baylor Women's Correctional Institution
Stacey Cashman N440 777-6800 WTC
Christopher Cessna N440 653-9261 James T. Vaughn Correctional Center
Shelly Conboy N440 739-5601 Employee Development Center
Erin Connelly N440 857-5325 Office of the Commissioner
Wendy Duvall N440 429-7700 Howard R. Young Correctional Institution
Dorene Fields N440 429-7700 Howard R. Young Correctional Institution
Cathy Fox N440 659-6060 Internal Affairs
Tabitha Gott N440 739-5601 Maintenance Admin
Jeff Henderson N440 739-2338 Probation & Parole, Dover
Winna Johnson N440 739-5601 Information Technology
Robert Kelley N440 856-5790 Sussex Community Corrections
Sandy Lewis N440 739-5601 Food Services
Laura McDowell N440 628-2016 Probation & Parole, Seaford
Theresa Newnom N440 659-6100 Central Violation of Probation
Jessica Pantoja N440 739-5601 Bureau of Prisons
Brian Reynolds N440 653-9261 James T. Vaughn Correctional Center
Anna Sanchez N440 739-5601 Bureau of Correctional Healthcare Services
Aron Serman N440 856-5243 Probation & Parole, Georgetown
James Shinn N440 429-7700 Howard R. Young Correctional Institution
Andrea Sullivan N440 577-3443 Probation & Parole, Cherry Lane
Asia Surguy N440 739-4758 Morris Community Corrections Center
Rahsaan Tutt N440 323-6050 Probation & Parole, New Castle
Linda Wheeler N440 739-5601 Human Resources
Garland Williams N440 429-7700 Howard R. Young Correctional Institution
Maryellyn Williamson N440 577-3039 NCCC
Name SLC Phone Agency
Jacqui Thornton C401 577-8961 CJC / Statistical Analysis Center
Name SLC Phone Agency
Jennifer Dickinson D530A 739-4856 DELJIS
Name SLC Phone Agency
Denise Von Steuben T615 576-6081 DTC
Marcella Brainard T615 576-6007 DTC
Joe Britz T615 834-5923 DTC
Livia Giorgi T615 576-6234 DTC
Terressa Gray T615 576-6210 DTC
Tabitha Kaye T615 576-6109 DTC
Maira Lopez T615 576-6060 DTC
Christine McGown T615 760-2820 DTC
Anna Mena T615 576-6217-xx DTC
Candelaria Rivera T615 760-2049 DTC
Katrina Stubbs T615 760-2002 DTC
Troy Thomas T615 834-5923 DTC
Janet VanDzura T615 576-6051 DTC
James Welch T615 576-6160 DTC
Name SLC Phone Agency
Patty Cannon   672-6812 DEDO
Ken Anderson   577-8496 DEDO
Name SLC Phone Agency
Baljinder (Boskey) Kamboj D370B 735-4160 DOE
Chesiree Wise D370B 735-4090 DOE
Name SLC Phone Agency
Deborah Grier D201A 739-4498 Elections
Cheryl Webb D201A 739-4277 Elections
Name SLC Phone Agency
Carmen Gomez C1010 577-8163 Finance
Laurel Burns C1010 577-8546 Office of the Secretary
Jennie Holiskey 327-8345 N360 Office of the Secretary
Amy Parsell D570C 672-5503 Division of Accounting
Rebecca Satterfield D170 577-8179 State Lottery Office
Carol Thomas C900 577-8688 Revenue
Marybeth Wilson C900 577-8214 Revenue
Name SLC Phone Agency
Karen Virdin D180 739-5665 Office of the State Fire Marshall
Shelia Alexander D180 739-4394 Office of the State Fire Marshall
Diane Edwards N220F 323-5375 Office of the State Fire Marshall
Susan Givens S120 856-6500 Office of the State Fire Marshall
Name SLC Phone Agency
Christine Murabito D182A 739-4773 Fire School
Name SLC Phone Agency
Shavonne White D600A 577-3210 Governor's Office
Name SLC Phone Agency
Donna Murray H150 255-9411 Office of the Secretary
Susan Bailey H150 255-9354 DSAAPD
Shawnetta Brown H150 255-9085 DMS
Tynietta Congo   255-9672 DSSC
Robert Dreibelbis   739-4578 DCCS
Arielle Hyler   744-4992 DPH
Martha Kane H150 255-9631 DSS
Gayle King   933-3156 DDDS
Anna Krawczyk   255-9530 DMMA
Debra Mills-Joe   255-9817 DVI
Crystal Robbins N712 577-7295 DLTCRP
Name SLC Phone Agency
Jacqueline Cantu D460 739-4263 Housing
Devon Degyansky D460 739-4263 Housing
Billie Jo Manzo D460 739-4263 Housing
Lisa McCloskey C301 577-5000 Housing
Valerie Miller D460 739-3659 Housing
Allan Passwaters   653-5868 Housing
Wanda Spiering   739-4263 Housing
Julianne Watkins D460 739-4263 Housing
Name SLC Phone Agency
Carlina Nickerson D570E 739-4195 Department of Human Resources
Lisa Allison D570E 739-4195 Department of Human Resources
Tracey Connolly C100 577-8977 DHR / Training / Carvel
Toni Gillis D570E 739-4195 Department of Human Resources
Amber Hall D570E 739-4195 Department of Human Resources
Pam Jones D570E 739-4195 Department of Human Resources
Donna Kloepfer D620E 760-7070 DHR / Benefits
Name SLC Phone Agency
Elizabeth Morgan D400 674-7380 DOI
Crystal Evans D400 674-3000 DOI
Roberta Jones D400 674-7384 DOI
Name SLC Phone Agency
Lakiyah Chambers N210B 255-0096 AOC, Supreme Court, Arms of the Court,
Non-Judicial Branch Agencies and Court of Chancery
Rebbecca Hammerer N210H 255-2646 Court of Common Pleas
Patty Moore N385 323-4530 Justice of the Peace Court
Lori Moritz D680A 255-0658 Family Court
Tristan Press N210M 255-2573 Superior Court
Abby Ragghianti N210B 255-2523 AOC, Supreme Court, Arms of the Court,
Non-Judicial Branch Agencies and Court of Chancery
Name SLC Phone Agency
Julia Lawes C600 577-8947 DOJ and Victims' Compensation Fund
Donna Harris D480 257-3244 DOJ – Dover
Mary McTaggert C600 577-8922  
Amanda Wright S990 752-3261 DOJ – Georgetown
Name SLC Phone Agency
Jeremy Fixler N250 761-8014 Administration / Human Resources
Sharon Boland N250 761-8238 Vocational Rehab
Bobbi DiVirgilio N250 761-8351 Unemployment
Stephanie Gaines N250 761-8176 Industrial Affairs
Kim Johnstone N250 761-8055 Labor Market
Sue Justison N250 761-8198 Industrial Affairs
Carol Krajewski N250 761-8016 Administration/Human Resources
Richard McDonaugh N250 451-3424 Industrial Affairs
Kelsey Sedlacek N250 761-8107 Employment and Training
Zelda White-Cropper   324-7636 DDS / Social Security
Name SLC Phone Agency
Pam Millman D370E 744-1189 OMB
Mark DeVore D340B 739-5644 Facilities Management
Laura Gott D570E 672-5128 BDPA
Pamela Jones D620E 739-2260 PHRST
Amy Jozwiak D570A 739-4208 Pensions
Theresa Newman D570E 857-4532 GSS
Name SLC Phone Agency
Mike Caldwell N400   Air National Guard
Robert Csizmadia N400 326-7012 Army National Guard
Name SLC Phone Agency
Patty Murray D455 735-3480 Energy and Climate
Coleen Ponden D156 739-9921 Watershed Stewardship
Jennifer Childears D450 739-9120 Fish and Wildlife
Lea Dulin D450 739-9208 Parks and Recreation
Renae Held D450 739-9965 Air Quality
Brittany Klecan D455 735-3493 Energy & Climate
Jennifer Luoma D156 739-9157 Watershed Stewardship
Victoria Mooers D450 739-9258 Water
Karen Myer D450 739-9217 Parks and Recreation
Lisa Myura D450 855-1915 Environmental Crimes Unit
Kathy Nedelka D450 739-9400 Waste and Hazardous Substances
Kathleen Saunders D450 739-9340 Water
Name SLC Phone Agency
Donna Thomas C500 577-5136 Public Defender's Office
Kerry Ferriter C500 468-5040 Public Defender's Office
Andrea Klein C500 255-0164 Public Defender's Office
Denise Matz C500 752-3357 Public Defender's Office
Matt Rubincam C500 298-3483 Public Defender's Office
Name SLC Phone Agency
Bonnie Dixon D610 744-2741 DSHS / Office of the Secretary / Highway Safety
Frances Cordell N230 659-2244 DEMA
Glenn Dixon D130A 672-5429 State Police
Lezlie Eustis D590B 744-4382 Capitol Police
Julie Gray C300 577-5204 ABCC
Susan Herrmann D290 697-2547 Communication
Renee Hupp N230 659-2212 DEMA
Stefanie Lancaster D430D 739-3333 DDC
Crystal Mehrenberg D135A 526-5863 Gaming Enforement
Melissa Newell H150 407-4630 Forensic Sciences
Valerie Pryor N230 659-2208 DEMA
Amber Rivard D340E 739-3621 SCPD
Cindi Wood D136 741-2715 DATE
Name SLC Phone Agency
Steven Carroll D370C 857-3646 Office of the Secretary
Pamela Anderson D530 257-3116 Veterans Affairs
Sonja Brown D670 257-3000 Libraries
Lauren Endicott D370D   Corporations
Annette Fletcher C407 577-5050 Human Relations/Women's Commission
Dawn Hollinger D650 739-4235 Bank Commissioner
Toni Loper D420C 736-7534 PSC
Crystal Mohr D420C   Corporations
Kishon Williams C409 577-5076 Public Advocate
Dana Wise C501 577-8279 Arts
LaTrina Woods C402 577-5070 MERB/PERB
Name SLC Phone Agency
Ronda Ramsburg D410 739-9629 DTI
Stacey Sowers D410 672-6052 DTI
Name SLC Phone Agency
Gloria Acevedo T615 760-2085 DelDOT
Donna Miller T615 760-2023 DelDOT
Name SLC Phone Agency
Rebecca Zink D570D 672-6709 Treasury