Below are the roles and responsibilities of the SECC campaigns:

Appointed by:

  • SECC Steering Committee according to Executive Order #53 guidelines

Major Responsibility:

  • To organize and implement the State Employees' Charitable Campaign.


  • To assure the SECC has the organizational capacity to target areas for campaign emphasis and track the progress of the campaign.

  • To orient and train your campaign team.

  • To help develop promotional activities that generate enthusiasm and provide effective education about SECC's services.

  • To assure adequate campaign supplies.

  • To establish a reporting process that enables you to monitor the campaign effectively.

  • To distribute employee donations to the appropriate agencies.

Appointed by:

  • Department Secretary

Major Responsibility:

  • To provide leadership for the Department's/Agency's campaign by working with the SECC Steering Committee, SECC Coordinator, top management, labor leadership and campaign volunteers.


  • To work with the SECC Steering Committee, SECC Coordinator, and the Department's/Agency's Captains in developing, scheduling, and implementing the campaign.

  • To obtain the support and involvement of both top management and labor personnel in the campaign.

  • To recruit and train all Captains within the Department/Agency.

  • To oversee the timely distribution of campaign supplies and materials.

Appointed by:

  • SECC Department Chairperson

Major Responsibility:

  • To serve as a representative to your Departme nt/Agency and SECC in the solicitation of every employee assigned to you.


  • To attend training and to become familiar with all campaign materials in order to:

    • Communicate the importance of SECC and the use of payroll deduction;
    • Explain how to designate gifts;
    • Answer any questions; and,
    • Personally solicit each employee assigned to you.

  • To become familiar with the reporting instructions and submit your reports in a timely fashion by giving the envelopes to the Department SECC Chair.

  • To ensure every employee turns in a pledge card for complete records and that each contributor takes his/her pink copy (page 3) of the pledge card. The yellow copies (page 2) are sent to your Department/Agency Payroll Office. The white copies (page 1) are to be sent to the Office of Management and Budget, Human Resource Management.

  • To guarantee that all pledge cards, cash and checks are delivered in report envelopes to the SECC Administrator, United Way, on a weekly basis.